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California by Post For a Bodacious Bath

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California by Post For a Bodacious Bath
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My latest stash of Bathlife Bath & Body treats arrived in the post yesterday afternoon! So excited! The only thing that's had me holding off on this order was the mad heat we've had this summer। Melted bath & body is no fun. The temp slipped just below the 90s & that was my cue to place an order. Yayness! It's like having a delivery of California in my post box. I've been addicted to Kimberlee of Bathlife's products since 2006 & I don't see that stopping anytime soon. If it weren't for going all pruney, I'd find a way to spend all day in the bath with these. ;)

Clockwise: Silken Body Butter, SugarBaby Body Polish Bars, Back In Flight Handmade Soap (2oz), Newport Ave Handmade Soap (2oz), Skin Perfume Oil, At Venice & Pacific Perfume Oil