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More Posh Yarns!
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That's what I'm all about today. It's overcast & rainy out, so it's more than perfect for what I've planned.

I've been spending my evenings getting to know my NanoWriMo characters so that's meant less crochet time this week. It's all good, because balance is absolutely important. So to keep the balance I need to get on with my adventures in yarn today. I've a black and gold scarf that's been begging to be finished for two days & I want to start another Samantha as well.

And no matter what, I'll be sneaking in some NaNo prep time (most likely @ lunch) and read more Rimrunners (cause I want to get to the next Cherryh book in my stack). Look for another Chewing Chica post because I'm making a really neat soup today.

And do stop by the NaNo blog to check out the new NaNoWriMo 2009 gear (it goes on sale Sept 1 & I'm seriously trying to get one of each shirt!) & am hoping that there are red mugs this year!

Happy Friday!