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Just Finished Reading: Arranged

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ArrangedArranged by Catherine McKenzie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have the paperback edition that was originally published in CA & I find that cover more aesthetically pleasing than the one issued for the US (available May 15, 2012). The new cover would not have caught my eye or made me want to pick it up, though it does look like a good facsimile of the couple in the book. Hydrangeas over people for me, I guess.

If you're a fan of Anne of Green Gables (& I mean obsessed, like me) this is a great book! I laughed, was moved & had those truly girly "Oh! That's just perfect!" moments. Anne Shirley Blythe is looking for her Gilbert (not to be confused with her brother named Gil, btw) & the journey she embarks on is a winding & surprising one. I cannot give any of the twists away but this will make even the most sensible & serious holding their breath & hoping against hope that it'll all work out in the end.

There's a nice mention of Amber Sheppard (who was a character in Spin) that I thought was a neat nod to readers of the first book. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing, I suppose. Anne was easy to like & feel for as was her family. I didn't feel very connected to her BFF Sarah but she served her purpose very well in the story. Jack was worth every word & even when his transgression is revealed, I wanted to cheer for him. Even in the confusion & jumble of what's going on, the importance of trust, compatibility & friendship being instrumental in the equation of love is clear to see. Simply put, I found it quite beautiful a testament.

Having read Spin, it was interesting to me to read Arranged & have a much deeper delve into similar territory (a writer clandestinely writing about something highly personal involving people who trust them but are unaware) but in much more depth & from a different perspective. Well done, altogether. It should likely go without saying that I'll be reading the author's next book, Forgotten when it comes out.

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