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Look Out Yarn, I'm Coming For You!

Posted by smittenkittenorig on

I went on a yarn buying jag on Sunday. For some reason every time I go on a yarn binge, it's a Sunday & it's for hours. I've no idea why that is but it prompted me to think of something with regard to the yarn stash I currently reside with.

What if I could use all my yarn? Like really, make something out of all available skeins. I'm a little scared & excited at the prospective results of such an endeavor. I'm always either writing or working with yarn so why not see what I could do? I can honestly say that for all the yarn I've in my possession, I had a plan or three for all of them, so I think it may be time to just see those plans come to fruition.

I'll be posting pictures of the things I make here & on Flickr, so stay tuned for more on that. Currently, I've 3 things I need to photograph. I was in a crochet frenzy this weekend.

And now a word about NaNoWriMo 2009... I won! Yay! I need to post my little winner banner but I needed to share that I hit just over 52K. Of course the story is not even remotely over & since it was a prequel to a current story I'm working on it provided me with a lot of background on my characters. All the specifics on that are over on my LJ.