my "no grocery shopping for two months" kitchen challenge.


My kitchen cupboard is full. Those pictures are of one of my cabinets, my refrigerator & my freezer. I went grocery shopping this weekend for the first time in about a month & stocked up on everything from paper & bath/personal care products to canned & other dry goods. I picked up produce this morning.
I'm fairly shopped out after spending a grand total of $263.00 (make that last Safeway & Aldi. Farmer's Market, you'll see me in a week for more produce). After putting everything away, it occurred to me that, we have quite a lot of food. It also occurred to me that I'd like to challenge myself to make it last for two months. I want to see if I can get creative & dwindle this all down to bareness before shopping again. That's around October 25th. So, I'm going to blog this out (hopefully daily) & see if I can do it. I've already told my husband that we won't be ordering take away or making fast food runs for lunch & he's on board. Oh, and the challenge doesn't include weekly things we need, like water, dairy & produce. Those are just perishables that don't linger anyway & need to be replenished regularly. Full disclosure, we may need tissues & toilet tissue to be restocked before the end of October as well. ;)
So, here's to two months of eats & not having to stand in line at the grocery store.