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Review: Bitten

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Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I admit that I read this one because I began watching the television show. I hadn't heard of the Otherworld series before and I keep my werewolf, vampire and paranormal reads far and few between. That said, I really liked this! It was good to read in detail, Elena's story and get more about the Pack, not to mention Clay & yes, Phillip. I didn't expect Elena's relationship with Phillip to be so well drawn but it was and though I was pretty much all in on Elena & Clay, I could clearly see her love for Phillip (& that it's more than her just running away from Stonehaven & the Pack). It was very well expressed in the book and I was pleasantly surprised because I wasn't getting that as clearly from the show.

Elena's voice is written clearly and the first POV whisked me away rather quickly into her world. Kudos to Armstrong. I will continue following the series (they're high on my TBR list) with the books about Elena but I likely will not read the other books as my paranormal interest doesn't widely span.

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