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Review: Forgotten

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Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I very much enjoy Catherine McKenzie's books so I was looking forward to getting to read this one. I liked it but must admit, not as much as Spin & Arranged. I liked Emma & really was interested in how she would put her life back together after six months away & being believed dead but the romance part fell a bit flat for me. I'm not sure why but I didn't feel very invested in Dominique. Maybe I needed to know more about him but he just didn't pull me in the way other paramours have in her other two books. I did find there was plenty of wit to go around while Emma wended her way through & that was good. Sunshine may have been my favorite character & I loved her insight. Sophie, I could only take so seriously but I do have a bias against being drawn into the whole grown women "mortal enemies" thing. I suppose it may be a common enough thing but it's not something I do so I couldn't really relate to that bit. It's likely no surprise but I'll definitely read the next book by McKenzie. I'm on a roll & I'm still having fun.

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