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Review: Fortune's Pawn

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Fortune's Pawn
Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Devi is my new Kara Thrace. She’s quite the woman and handles her business but remains very relatable. I’m no where near an ass-kicking soldier but not only did I like her a lot, I understood her. She seems like a great chica to have a drink with & listen to her stories. I was rooting for her to attain her goal of joining the king’s Devestators even though I found her absolute enamored view of nobles, in general, short-sighted. The story moved at a good clip and that made it a page turning delight. I was completely invested in who or what Rupert was, and that thread was teased out very well in the story. I had to know as much as Devi (admittedly, I stil don’t know exactly, so I guess that’s what book two will tell). The rest of the Glorious Fool crew were well drawn and I especially enjoyed Novascape Starchild (Nova for short, btw. lol). Nova may have been my favorite crewmember but it’s a close call with aeon, Basil who calls all the humans “monkey” (tickled me to no end). Hyrek the ship’s doc who is also of an alien species that eat humans was also refreshing and very interesting. I found Captain Caldswell interesting but I don’t know how I feel as far as liking or not liking him. That’s not a problem for me as finding him interesting was by far more important. The world building was very well done and I look forward to reading the next installment.

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