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That 70's Scarf

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CARLY- Men's/ Unisex Retro Autumn Smash Scarf Orange Brown Yellow
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Yes, that's exactly how I feel about Carly. It's all retro and fun. When I picked up the yarn, it didn't dawn on me that it'd work up this way or that the color scheme gave off that vibe. After it was finished & I looked at it, it was so clear.

I've often wondered why the colors of the 70's seemed to be really earthy with all the browns & oranges (I mean really, ORANGE?!). Did something happen that made these the standard... and not always in a good way? I've seen pictures of brown wall paneling & orange & yellow patterned lino on the floor my parents had and all I can say is... WOW. ;D I'm all for it in combination in small pieces, but all over a house in decor, not so much.